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21 May 2022

Going green and the green energy movement has exploded onto the scene and every country in world has shown some level of interest into developing alternative energy sources. Everything from solar and wind to even wave, hydrogen and bio-fuels. Every form of alternative energy is getting the attention of someone, even if the concept and plans look a bit crazy on paper.

For one specific type of person, this is creating a great financial opportunity that is welcomed in this age of economic stress. This is the green energy or alternative energy consultant.

If you are designing a building and not considering a form of alternative energy then you are old news. Today, tall commercial buildings are being designed and built with integrated wind turbines while warehouses and malls are designed to support acres of solar panels on their roofs. Unlike modifying an existing building, these types of simple modifications at the onset of the architectural process have very little impact on the structural construction cost of the project and they often reduce the demand for local electricity by up to 20%.

This may not sound like that much money, but if a 55 story building has an electric bill of $250,000 per month, and their foresight saves only 5% per month, that is over $12K per month and certainly deep into the 6 digits per year in savings.

The green energy revolution SEO experts choice opened the doors to people that understand alternative energy, what works best in certain application and what the developing technologies promise. This is where the consultant type of person takes center stage.

Outside of the scientific community there are very few people that understand the how and why a technology works and even fewer that are developing new technologies. Everyone from homeowners to architects are looking for and hiring people that understand this technology. You don't need to have a laboratory level of knowledge as to why it works; you need to have the knowledge pertaining to the proper application and installation of a technology.

The beauty of being a green energy or an alternative energy consultant is the required level of formal training, which is none. Currently this is a field in its infancy and self study is about the only way you will get the specific education you need for a specific type of green energy application.

There are many technical degrees applicable to alternative energy, but you do not need to be a bio-chemist to be a very qualified and sought after consultant.


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