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20 May 2022

If you are buying leads and not generating your own high quality prospects, then you're throwing your money away. Ninety-nine point nine percent of most leads have been sold and resold, and the ones that have not been resold have not been qualified by you. Why do you think it's called "Cold Calling" when you call a lead that you have purchased?

If the leads that you are buying are not converting at a high rate, it can be one of several reasons why they are not buying what you have to offer. Unless you know the type of person that you're talking to, chances are that you're not going to hit on the hot buttons that motivate that person to take action on your conversation. It's a proven fact that 98 percent of leads don't purchase or take the action that we want them to take on the first contact. As the number of contacts with a prospect gets higher the percentage of people taking positive actions gets higher. Statistics show that when you have contacted a prospect between seven and 12 times the percentage of those taking action goes to 80 percent.

This business is about building relationships and you don't have a relationship with anyone after talking to them one time, so why continue to buy leads. If you don't have a lead capture page setup where you can capture the contact information of potential customers, you're doing yourself and your network marketing business a disservice. When you provide value into the marketplace and give people a reason to want to connect with you is when your percentages will drastically increase. If you do have a lead capture page and it's not converting, you may have to change your offer Vinka  the value that you're providing. When you have the right offer and the right amount of value is when you will begin to generate the high quality prospects that every network marketer want for his or her business.

Only about three to five percent of the business owners in the network marketing industry are doing things the right way. Align yourself with one of these leaders and learn what they are doing to generate the success that they are having and implement the exact same strategies in your business. You can start by taking the money that you use to buy leads and invest in your education and your business so that you can learn how to generate high quality prospects.


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