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20 May 2022

We live in a day and age where the beauty that comes from Tanning is still appreciated as a sexy symbol of society, however the aging side effects and potentially life threatening ramifications of tanning in the sun has made sun tanning almost taboo today. Even so, many people are still using tanning beds and companies to achieve that perfect glow, thinking they are minimizing their time in the sun. This is not the case and tanning beds do contribute to the aging process. But does this mean you have to give up your healthy, beautiful glow? No, today there is an all new line of products that can give you that perfect glow without you having to spend a minute under a lamp or in the sun. The process of self tanning today has become so popular because it does not speed up the process of aging, and it is not increasing your risk of serious disease or illness caused by chronic exposure to the sun. In fact the best self tanning products today will also slow down the process of aging by offering you moisturizing benefits as well. If you have tried self tanning before but weren't too sure about the results, follow these quick and easy steps to preparing yourself for self tanning for a fail safe result every time.

Skin preparation is the most important part of a good self tan. The worst thing you can do is put on your self tanning lotion before a shower, or before you shave your legs. Have a good shower before you apply your self tanning products. What this will do will exfoliate the areas of your skin that you will be applying the product, and this will ensure the product goes on smoothly and evenly all over your body. If you need to shave, shave before you apply the self tanner as well for the same reason.

It is not a bad idea to give yourself another brush of exfoliation. The more your skin is prepared for self tanning, the better the final result. If self tan have a shower brush or the like, sweep it across the areas of skin you are going to self tan for a good exfoliation.

After exfoliating and showering, allow your skin to breathe before you apply the self tanning lotion. Do not apply moisturizer now, as this will clog your pores and prevent the self tanner from penetrating properly. Wait approximately thirty minutes to one hour before you apply your self tanner. Apply your self tanner using the instructions provided and wait the required time.

If the required time has passed, do not reapply any product if the shade is not your desired shade. It is always best to allow at least 24 hours for your self tanning product to fully penetrate your skin and be absorbed by the pores to show its true color. If you plan on reapplying more to darken the shade, it is best if you wait 24 hours after your first application and your shade may darken overnight to your desired shade. If you add more too soon, you may wind up with a darker than desired result. After you have applied your desired number of coats of tanning product, apply a coat of moisturizer to your new tan to keep your tan rejuvenated and ensure it stays smooth and soft.


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