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14 May 2022

A virtual office assistant is really just a more descriptive way of also saying virtual assistant. This is a growing profession with the ever growing use of the internet for full time jobs. Virtual office assistant is sometimes confused with a secretary, and this could not be more wrong, a virtual office assistant does so much more than a secretary could imagine.

So What Is The Difference Between A Virtual Office Assistant And A Secretary?

To begin with a virtual office assistant you never see, you strictly work with them over the phone and on the internet, where for a secretary they are a full on contact worker, csgotradingbot  a desk and computer, phone and all. A virtual office assistant also has to know how to do a variety of work not just filing papers. A secretary would most likely be in charge of filing and answering the phone and such tasks. Also a secretary will be an in office person that a employer would have to give benefits and do paperwork on, where as a virtual office assistant basically never exists on paper, and does not receive any benefits, like insurance.

So What Might I Expect If I Work As A Virtual Office Assistant?

A virtual office assistant is really a "jack" or "jill" of all trades. Virtual office assistants will be asked to do a variety of tasks and should be qualified to do most anything done with a office or business. They may be asked to make doctors appointments, any secretarial work, accounting, and even web page design. To become a virtual office assistant you must first have training, this training should be prepare a you for a position.

So How Is The Pay?

The income depends on the company you are with, what jobs you are performing, and most likely how good you are at what it is that you are doing. Usually though a virtual office assistant can expect to make about $45 an hour on average and depending on the employer. Your hours may also vary depending on your employer, so make sure it's talked over and clear. Annually if you do make $45 an hour you can expect to make about $12,960


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