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14 May 2022
When you get as old as I am (hitting the big 6-0), you begin looking back over what you've done in your life to see what was successful and what wasn't.

I have struggled my whole life with good/bad habits. I haven't found any definite answers yet, but I have a new good habit helper.

As a child I did things because I had to or I would be in trouble. Parenting advice states that when children learn certain habits in youth, they will stick with them. I am here to tell you that it "ain't necessarily so" to quote from the opera "Porgy and Bess" by Gershwin.

I went to school and did my homework because I couldn't play until afterwards. And after years of doing what I had to, I should have developed some good habits.

When I got older, I quit college repeatedly-so much for 12 years of "good habit development."

But my biggest bad habit is that I can ditch a good habit in less time than it takes to say so. I have heard it said that it takes three weeks to develop a good habit. So how come I haven't the internal fortitude to keep a habit from childhood?

I used to write in my journal Get Helper Developer . After years of that, I got busy with something. I don't remember what anymore, but I quit writing in my journal. I wrote for over 10 years. Where did the good habit go?

What can I do to form good habits? I found a computer program that helps me stay on top of my tasks, but I still missed a doctor's visit because I didn't check my datebook. I need to add a note to my tasks program to do that daily.

I also need to take time out for myself. I think I need to schedule that because otherwise I will do what I love doing-writing. While it's good to do what you love, it's not good to do it to the exclusion of all else. I spent last week eating and working at my desk. That is not a good habit.

I need to place shopping or something that comes up on my task program to make sure that I take the time I need to, even if I'm not around to hear the timer go off. And I need to obey the reminder each day to exercise.


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