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11 May 2022

It's one of those harrowing stories that you hate hearing on the News, but sometimes these stories have to be brought to light in order to prevent the same thing happening to other people. A year ago, one story about a defective boiler caught the attention of millions in the UK, and it is just one of many such instances which is a regular occurrence with the modern household. After reading this article, it is hoped that you will consider a boiler service for the sake of your own family.

The Shocking Details

A baby was scalded by boiling water after a faulty boiler exploded in the loft right above the little girl's cot. The horrific situation was caused by a faulty thermostat and it ended up costing the baby her life. Such events are often documented on the News, but it is thought that this story made the front page because of the fact it was a baby. This just goes to show that even something that you think is ultimately harmless, like a boiler, can actually be very dangerous. People often underestimate the danger of a plumbing and heating services london and therefore when stories like this emerge, they get a real shock to the system. It is important that you book a boiler service so the engineer can test for any potential problems. It was the thermostat in the baby boiler death story that caused the tragic death, so it is useful to be aware how a thermostat can become faulty and then end up scalding people. If the thermostat is faulty, this means the water is not at a safe temperature when used and it can get extremely hot, to the point where it burns. An explosion of a boiler is more commonplace then you might think, but the unfortunate news of a baby suffering at the hands of a faulty boiler brings tears to many people.

More Publicity Is Needed

The true horror of the baby boiler death was detailed and was seemingly shocking. If the little girl had survived, her hands and feet would have had to be removed because they were so badly burned. The baby's gums and teeth had become deformed and things like hair follicles and nerve endings were completely destroyed. Following the news, a small campaign emerged to draw attention to the fact there are still many faulty boilers out there in use. It was recommended that anyone who had a boiler with an outdated thermostat should check their heating system and a boiler service should be booked in immediately. At the time, it was estimated that over 3.5million boilers just like the one that killed the baby girl were still in use. Indeed, it is a terrifying thought, and many feel that there is simply not enough publicity surrounding the importance of getting a boiler serviced regularly to ensure families and homes remain safe.

To prevent something similar happening in your home, a regular boiler service is absolutely essential. It will make sure everything is ticking over fine and minimise the boiler explosion risk. Book your boiler service today.


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